Jennis Morse Etlinger Bankruptcy News November 5, 2021

JME confirmed the consensual plan for Genesis Weight Loss Centers, LLC, a subchapter v debtor. At the hearing, Judge McEwen remarked this was a “textbook” subchapter v case and wonderfully handled. “That’s the way these cases are supposed to run. This is textbook subchapter V as envisioned by the folks who originally proposed it, Judge Tom Small and the National Bankruptcy Conference. This is wonderful. Good job.”

JME represents a subchapter v debtor, who as part of its post confirmation affairs, is conducting 2004 examinations in investigation of potential causes of action. JME regularly investigates adversaries and objections to claims as part of its debtors’ recovery.

Florida Filings

  • Oct 24, 2021 – Aerospace Precision, Inc, chapter 11 in the Southern District of Florida
  • Oct 25, 2021 – Nicholas Rothwell Small, Jr., chapter 11 in the Southern District of Florida
  • Oct 25, 2021 – Adam Tracy LaFavre, chapter 11 in the Middle District of Florida
  • Oct 28, 2021 – United Dispenser Services, Inc., chapter 11 in the Southern District of Florida

Bankruptcy News

The United States Trustee’s office is soliciting applicants to serve as additional subchapter v trustees – Read More

The TBBBA and IWIRC recently hosted a farewell event for Judge Designate Denise Barnett who has been selected for judgeship for the Western District of Tennessee.

The National Retail Federation is forecasting sales between $840 and $860 billion during the November and December holiday season. NRF noted that due to recent events in the international supply chains some retailers have already begun their holiday sales. Read More

JP Morgan Chase & Cos is still desirous of selling more than $1 billion of bonds for Brings Home, a home security system. The company filed for bankruptcy approximately two years ago but is still looking for the right mix to exit the case. Read More

Investment Notes

We’re tracking a number of previously filed chapter 11 cases. We’ll keep you posted when opportunities are ripening. For more information on how we can help assist with financing opportunities, please contact the firm at (813) 229-2800.