Jennis Morse Etlinger Has Once Again Helped a Debtor Conclude a Case

Jennis Morse Etlinger has once again helped a debtor conclude a case. While they are based in Tampa, they have successfully resolved a case for a Panama City resident proving that locality is not a barrier to the resolution of a case.

The community member who in this case was the debtor had a very complex bankruptcy case involving several local funds and unions. Jennis worked to see the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case through to its successful conclusion.

In her final rulings Judge Karen Specie for the United States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Florida said, “this result is only because of outstanding counsel on all sides. . . . So, I congratulate all of you.  I think it’s an outstanding result . . . Thank you and congratulations, Mr. Jennis, on a job well done.  This was a difficult issue and one that was unique to this Court”.