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Puerto Rico files for Bankruptcy

Unable to pay its debt, Puerto Rico recently filed a Title III petition in federal court. Due to low financial resources and persistent creditor collection efforts, Puerto Rico became the first state …

August 3, 2017

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What is a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 11, entitled Reorganization, ordinarily is used by individuals with high debt levels or commercial enterprises that desire to continue operating a business and repay creditors concurrently thr…

October 10, 2016

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  • In re Wade June 14, 2019
    (United States Seventh Circuit) - Held that bankruptcy debtors could not appeal the denial of their motion for sanctions, because they had not filed a petition for permission to appeal, as required under Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 8006(g). Criticized two circuit precedents that appeared to recognize exceptions to this procedural requirement.
  • In re Linn Energy, L.L.C. June 14, 2019
    (United States Fifth Circuit) - Held that an energy company's Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan did not entitle a class of lenders to $30 million in post-petition default interest. Affirmed the rulings below.
  • Taggart v. Lorenzen June 3, 2019
    (United States Supreme Court) - Clarified the circumstances in which a court may hold a creditor in civil contempt for attempting to collect a debt that a bankruptcy discharge order has immunized from collection. Held that there should be "no fair ground of doubt" that the order barred the creditor's conduct. Justice Breyer delivered the […]
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